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E- Waste Electronic Recycling

Gadgets have made the life easy and provided us with ease and comfort. They have also made routine life easier. But this continuous dependency on gadgets has lead to a huge liability to deal with, in the name of e-waste. As e-waste contains toxic elements and sensitive data and they should be handled carefully for the same reason. At E-Recycle Team, our team assures that it follows strict environmental policies and data destruction procedures for safe disposition of e-waste. For an organization, to perform the entire task itself can be extremely daunting. There are a lot of criteria to fulfill and policies to follow, whether they are established by internal management or government. We try to remove and eradicate all the complexities. In addition to that, we understand our responsibility towards nature and do our bit by safely disposing electronic waste. We guarantee complete accountability and ensure that the entire process is carried out with complete safety and utmost responsibility. With the latest techniques and gadgets, we assure that your data is completely secured and there is full compliance to environmental rules and policies. We believe in the 3-R rule, reduce wastage, reuse all the possible elements and recycle waste to the extent possible.