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Data Destruction

The most important part of e-waste recycling is data destruction. The process should not only be just complete but full proof too. There shall be no remains and the data should be eradicated completely from all the storage devices. E-Recycle Team ensures that all your drives are destroyed completely when you opt for your asset disposition with us. We also offer the highest level of security when it comes to properly disposing your data. Contrary to the popular belief, the data stored on hard drives is not as safe as it is perceived by the companies. Whenever someone gets rid of a hard drive, the general assumption is that data won’t reach somewhere else. The same is not the case in real life. To avoid any kind of glitches, it is advised to use a hard drive destruction service.

Another important thing to be understood is that erasing data is not enough. Anybody who knows how to retrieve lost information can easily restore and use your important data. This is the reason E-Recycle Team strongly advocates the use of a secure hard drive destruction service. Our experienced staff visits your workplace directly and picks up your hard drives. We also provide a detailed certificate of destruction showing the date and time of hard drive was destroyed.

In addition to safe and secure destruction of data, we also ensure that each shredded hard drive is delivered to metal and electronic recyclers for further processing. We have collaborated with recyclers that comply with federal and state regulations. You can be rest assured that your information will be disposed off safely. We serve all the industries and comply with all the privacy laws.


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